Who We Are

  • We are a team of traders that has been failed in the past, and now we are experiencing success in Forex trading.
  • We provide only education.

What We Have Done

  • We have joined short-training and learned from local brokers as well as oversea brokers.
  • We have joined “Evolution Of Wealth Workshop” by Master Bellum Tan, and “Wealth Academy Workshop” by Adam Khoo, organized by PM Leadership.
  • We have read many books about Forex, Stock, and Option.

What We Are Doing

  • We have started trading by ourselves since July 2013 till present.
  • We know why we failed and why we are succeeding. We know the difference.
  • We are ready to share our experience with you about past failure and success.
  • And you can leverage our experience, and accelerate your success in Forex trading.

However, We Don’t Provide the Following.

  • We don’t trade for you.
  • We don’t give you any trading signal.
  • We don’t take/hold/keep your money.
  • You, as trader, are responsible to learn, practice, take risk and trade by yourself.